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A day to remember! From not being able to read & write. To writing a book. To being on TV talking about the book 📖 I wrote! I can’t even grasp this concept! So GRATEFUL! When did all this happen!? 😁🥰 THANK YOU

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8: Rediscovering Life After a Brain Tumor

Nathalie Jacob

Eight was the only number Nathalie could see after her brain surgery. Faced with unexpected challenges, she refused to give up on her recovery!



Westport woman reveals life after brain tumor surgery

By Sophie Vaughan Published 10:21 am EDT, Friday, October 19, 2018

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WESTPORT — When Nathalie Jacob entered brain surgery to remove a benign tumor in 2015, she and her doctor thought everything would be fine, but instead Nathalie came out a different person.

After surgery, doctors walked Jacob’s, then 35, around the hospital hallways to test her functioning and when asked to read the door numbers, Jacob said each one was room eight.


“I saw everything as an eight. They asked me what year I was born, and I said 1800s, and they asked me what year it was and I said 1980,” Jacob said.

Jacob’s impaired brain functioning was a surprise to her neurosurgeon in Miami, where Jacob then lived, who said Jacob likely would not have any negative effects from the surgery and only a small chance of losing her peripheral eyesight.

“He was so relaxed when he explained it all and said don’t worry, this is a two-hour surgery, you can go back to work in three works,” Jacob said.