Nathalie Jacob Interview in La Universidad de los Andes. Bogota, Colombia.

Connecticut woman talks about how she rediscovered life after brain surgery

Westport News article

Ted Talk Style on how to reinvent yourself after a Brain Tumor

Westport Lifestyle Magazine

TV interview on Trendiando

Radio Interview on “Talk of Connecticut”.

Interview on 95.9 FOX.

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Nathalie Jacob’s life changed forever, and she documented her recovery in her new book “8: Rediscovering Life After A Brain Tumor.” She stopped by First Thing Fairfield County to tell her story, and next Friday night’s launch party in Westport!

Listen to the LIVE Radio interview!

TV Interview with Hernan Orjuela

Thrilled to be on 06880 Dan Woog’s BLOG


Featured on Book Nation by Jen

LIVE interview March 11, 2019. WMDR 1150AM
Dr. Jeff Says 30 minute LIVE Interview
 Had the privilage of writting an article on MOTHER:

Had the privilege of writing an article on MOTHER. Read the full article on the link below:

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